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  • Spinal Decompression offers sale, effective, non-surgical option for disc related nerve pain
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Spinal Decompression offers sale, effective, non-surgical option for disc related nerve pain

Spinal Decompression offers a Safe, Effective, Non-Surgical option for Disc Related Nerve Pain


One condition that we see a lot in our office is pain caused by herniated discs or bulging discs. 


(Spinal discs are cushions in between the bones of the spine called the vertebrae.) 

Their responsibility is to protect the bones (vertebrae) from the forces of everyday life such as twisting, lifting, walking running, and holding objects. 


If there is injury or tearing of the tougher outer fibers (Annulus Fibrosus), the inner part (Nucleus Pulposus) of the disc can protrude through the outer ring. This bulging or herniation cause impingement on the nerve which can cause patients to experience symptoms such as

  • Lower back, gluteal and/or hip pain
  • Discomfort
  • Radiation (traveling nerve pain) down the leg
  • Numbness down the leg
  • Tingling or burning down the leg
  • Leg weakness and muscle loss

In severe instances, you may require surgery to remove or repair the slipped disc, however, in most cases, conservative care can help heal these problems about the same if not better. One treatment option that Provance Chiropractic offers to help with herniated discs is called Spinal Decompression. 

Spinal decompression works by using a motorized machine that decompresses the spine by applying a gentle stretch. The doctor that is in charge of your care will determine the appropriate weight in which to apply the pull. 

If the doctor notices during his exam that there is a disc, in particular, that is causing the area of dysfunction, the doctor can calibrate the spinal decompression machine to a specific angle in order specifically target that area in particular.


Using spinal decompression works by taking the pressure off the discs themselves by creating negative pressure in the discs themselves. Using this traction may help retract the disc back into a place where it can take the pressure of the nerve. Doing this can help promote healing and help you be able to live a pain-free life!

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above and want to try a safe effective treatment for treating these symptoms call us at 504-456-9296 to set up a free consultation to see if you are a candidate for spinal decompression!


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