Sports Chiropractic

In 2011, Dr. Rizer received his certification as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

Why should an athlete see a sports chiropractor?

A sports chiropractor specializes in structural biomechanics and joint manipulation. Every athlete must work his/her biomechanical system in harmony for optimum function.

Athletes are fine-tuned machines. A minor breakdown in just one part of the athlete's body could mean the difference between participation and being sidelined - the difference between victory and defeat.

The chiropractic rationale for joint manipulation is based upon the biomechanical and physiological function of joints. Normal joint movement has been shown to be an essential and key factor in assisting all other soft tissue (muscle, tendon, ligaments, nerves, etc.) to remain health.

Sports chiropractors deal with posture imbalances, muscular imbalances, overuse and misuse syndromes. This unique approach of using joint manipulation can therapeutically act to reduce structural dysfunction.

Early detection of structural dysfunction using joint play (movement of the joint that occurs beyond the active and passive motion) can only be determined by an examination from a chiropractor who uses motion palpation to assess each joint. Motion palpation is a technique that determines the specific movement of joint play within the joint's structure.
Proper chiropractic diagnosis and care for the athlete can improve range of motion, coordination, balance and muscle function, and result in fewer performance injuries.
Traditional sports medicine practitioners focus on two types of joint movement: active and passive. Sports injuries often receive the classic sprain or strain diagnosis, along with the standard medical treatment. Many athletes, knowingly or unknowingly, have accepted the limitations imposed by this approach. But there are many athletes who have refused to accept the standard orthodox approach and sought treatment from sports chiropractors instead.

The approach of sports chiropractic is different. Many athletes claim that regular and/or specific manipulations by their chiropractor have led to dramatic increased performance levels. That's why athletes are some of chiropractic's most loyal supporters.

Every athlete should have all joints examined for specific joint play early in the training process. Ultimately, sports chiropractic can improve the overall performance of the athlete.

If you have a sports injury or questions about sports chiropractic, send us an email, or call us at (504) 456-9296.


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