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Reduce Stress

We hopeall of you are safe and sound after Hurricane Isaac. As we all know hurricanescan add a large amount of stress to our lives, before, during and afterwards.So here at Provance Chiropractic we want to give you a few tips how on how torelieve stress:

1.) ThinkPositively

All right I know what you are saying, I haveX amount of damage, or lost Y amount of food, how can I possibly think positively?Well take this into consideration even if an optimistic point of view is hardto muster, just recognizing your negative thought patterns and replacing themwith them with more constructive ones can reduce stress and depression.

2.) GetOut and Enjoy Nature

Okay, so I know it is hot and muggy and if youstayed in town for the storm you have probably spent a good bit of time outsidewhile your power was out. But studies have shown that interacting with naturecan reduce the amount of stress of the nervous system. So take 5-10 min and goto the park, or even sit in your backyard and just enjoy your surroundings.Focus on the things that were not affected by the storm that you can find thebeauty in.

3.) LaughIt Off

Studies have shown that laughing can actuallyreduce stress, so watch your favorite funny movie or TV show, look up funnyvideos or jokes on the internet or just call your funniest friend and have agood laugh!

4.) Employthe Power of Music

We all know that music can change our mood.Studies have shown that classical music has an extra calming effect on themind. So try listening to a little Bach or Beethoven. Even if you dont likeclassical music, listening to music that is calming to you will definitely helpyou release some of that hurricane stress.

5.) CalmYour Mind

I am sure you have heard by now about thebenefits of meditation for stress and anxiety relief. The biggest complaintpeople have is that they dont know how or long to do it. Or they feel theycant shut their minds off. Here is a simple technique to try, sit or lay downin a comfortable position, close your eyes and just focus on your breathing.Just doing this for 5 or 10 minutes can greatly reduce your stress and anxietyand help you clear out your mind.

6.) Enjoythe Warmth of Human Touch

Just as the mind can affect the body, the bodycan influence the mind. Virginia Satir, a famous American psychotherapist, oncesaid that people need 4 hugs a day to help prevent depression, 8 forpsychological stability, and 12 for growth. While asking for hugs may not workfor some, massage can help us relieve stress and reduce anxiety and depression. Dont feel like going to the spa to get amassage? Well you are in luck Provance offers massages too! Call the office toschedule an appointment (504) 456-9296.

7.) GiveExercise a Shot

We have all heard it, and I am telling you againexercise is a great stress reliever. Along with helping create a healthy body, exercise also helps create ahealthy mind as our bodies produce mood enhancing endorphins. Dont have aregular exercise routine? Try taking a 10 minute walkaround the neighborhood. We guarantee you will feel much better if you do.

For more information on how to beat or reduce stress in yourlife check out the American Chiropractic Associations website at www.acatoday.org. Or come in and see one ofour doctors to see what we can do to help you create a more balanced life.


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